Talisman against Black Magic

///Talisman against Black Magic
Серебрянные Талисманы

Talisman against Black Magic

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| Talisman for protection against negative impacts on you – your Defender and the assistant in Harmony finding.

| Silver Talisman of Kailas School made and tested under the leadership of the Master of School – Andrey Andreevich Duyko.

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Product Description

This Talisman – protection against negative impacts on you. Other name – “A talisman from black magic”.

From texts of the Tibetan Healers:

Make this talisman and draw white on black paper. If so to make – that on you will never occur influence of black magic.
If someone from your acquaintances behaves irrationally, then make this talisman on silver and lower it for several minutes in water and after that let’s the person drink several times a day such water.

It is better for you to wear the Mascot on the breast.

  • Protection against a negative, harmful others power.
  • Composition: SILVER of 98,8%


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