Talisman – elimination of bankruptcy and debts

///Talisman – elimination of bankruptcy and debts
  • Серебрянные Талисманы

Talisman – elimination of bankruptcy and debts

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| Talisman will help you to receive Protection and to attract successful combination of circumstances in your life.

| the Silver Talisman of Kailas School made and tested under the leadership of the Master of School – Andrey Andreevich Duyko.

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This talisman can attract your Defenders – Guardian Angels.

Often we lose prosperity not because there is no profit, and because of outflow and attacks of others of the phenomena, unfriendly to us, and people.

From the practician of the Tibetan Masters

Carrying out production of this symbol and worshipping it – you become under protection of divine energy and Angels who will help you will cope with debts and bankruptcy.

This talisman needs to be drawn with red ink on white paper and to put it on an altar little table.

  • Protective aura.
  • Composition: SILVER of 98,8%



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