Talisman for an exorcism

///Talisman for an exorcism
  • Серебрянные Талисманы

Talisman for an exorcism

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| the Talisman – Personal protection against negative impact and harmful power.

| the Silver Talisman of Kailas School made and tested under the leadership of the Master of School – Andrey Andreevich Duyko.

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Talisman for an exorcism and elimination of impacts on YOU.

You can use this talisman with the purpose to clean all types of negative spirits which can ever influence the person and someone.

In case there are mental disorders and also feeling of influence on themselves – this talisman can be dressed on themselves.

If to place it on an altar little table, – that he can help to create around you the excellent high-spiritual atmosphere.

Protection against evil spirits of any evil and negative influence on you.

  • Power of personal protection.
  • Composition: SILVER of 98,8%


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