Talisman for fund raising. Cash flow.

///Talisman for fund raising. Cash flow.
  • Серебрянные Талисманы

Talisman for fund raising. Cash flow.

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| Talisman – attraction of Bank Notes.

| the Silver Talisman of Kailas School made and tested under the leadership of the Master of School – Andrey Andreevich Duyko.

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Product Description

Talisman for attraction in your life of MONEY

Please, attentively examine action of this powerful Talisman. Follow instructions with wise understanding and filling by energy!

From modern and ancient practician:

  1. On an altar little table prepare aromas, flowers and food (food) and also begin to draw on small leaflets in number of 5001 these talismen.

  2. When you write you say a mantra LAKSHMI’S OHM E NAMAKH NAM SVA BOOR

After the put talisam in the form of 5001 pieces of paper burn near them an aromomasl and make presentation Prasad (Prasad,to prasada(sanskr. प्रसाद; prasāda) — “divine favor”, “divine gift” – presentation of the Consecrated Food –food for the offer to God – interrelation material. You present Food to God – God presents food to you).

So 30 days

Then drown all paper cuts in a flowing reservoir

  • Power of prosperity, movement, wealth.
  • Composition: SILVER of 98,8%


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