Talisman for hemorrhoids and similar diseases

///Talisman for hemorrhoids and similar diseases
  • Серебрянные Талисманы

Talisman for hemorrhoids and similar diseases

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| the Talisman – disposal of hemorrhoids, developments of stagnation.

| the Silver Talisman of Kailas School made and tested under the leadership of the Master of School – Andrey Andreevich Duyko.

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The talisman which helps to get rid of hemorrhoids Increases recovery forces of an organism, the energy movement, cleans developments of stagnation.

From ancient practician:

    If to mix paint with a lime and to make this talisman and then to carry it on itself – that it most likely will clean at you hemorrhoids. This talisman needs to be inserted into a medallion and to carry it on the patient’s neck. This talisman needs to be done only on Sunday.

If does not help the patient – then the talisman needs to be moved and bound in the form of a talisman around the patient’s belt.

| Retracting REASONS of hemorrhoids:
– Damp heat, Qi’s (氣) stagnation and blood.
– Shortcoming and Qi’s (氣) subsidence.

  • Addition of power in blood system, restoration of the movement of Qi in the removing system.
  • Composition: SILVER of 98,8%


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